Antipodean Capital provides independent, world-class research using a global macro discretionary style to analyse politics, policy, economics and global financial markets. We apply quantitative techniques to predict all major asset markets (stocks, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange, property) for making long term asset allocation decisions. 

Our edge is in forecasting Australian and New Zealand financial markets and economic direction, and in long term cycle forecasts relating to USA, Australia and NZ.



Antipodean offers two research subscription levels. We recommend our self-directed investor subscription for investors seeking information but not recommendations regarding global, Australian and New Zealand financial markets and economies.

We recommend the premium subscription for institutions and private wholesale sophisticated investors seeking advanced market knowledge, intelligence and actionable trade suggestions regarding global, Australian and New Zealand financial markets and economies.

If you would like to receive our premium research on a trial basis, please sign up for a free 30 day trial.




When a client registers interest in our advisory services we begin by embarking on an in depth examination of their business, interests, financial exposures and where in particular the client believes they need assistance.

We produce a written report with actionable items and suggestions for altering, modifying and improving client investment and decision making frameworks and practices. Antipodean then works with internal staff leaders to ensure delivery of these items and suggestions, as required and in whatever form the client requests.

In essence, we spend time understanding our clients, work with the client to improve how they operate, and thus our clients become more profitable or better investors, and stay ahead of upcoming challenges in their industries, in financial markets, and in their investment portfolios. 





Our consulting services provide a combination of in-depth client specific advisory work, and ongoing market and economic intelligence via the provision of daily research, aimed at meeting every financial need. The combination of our services position clients to be better equipped to face the challenges that economies and financial markets present to their individual business, aided by better and more robust frameworks and models, with the aim of producing more right rather than wrong decisions. This leads to greater business profitability and portfolio returns.

Antipodean’s clients comprise Australia’s largest pension funds, the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds and hedge funds, banks, corporates and family offices. We have been providing research, advisory and asset allocation consulting advice since Antipodean's inception in 2005.




Craig Ferguson presents to a wide range of audiences around the world, but particularly in Australia’s major financial centres. Topics are relevant to the macro-economic, political, and financial market landscape of the time or tailored to audience interests or requirements. Please view our events page to see Craig's upcoming speaking events or please contact us to discuss how we may help with your event. 

He is available for media commentary and is a regular guest on print, television and online media. See some of his commentary work here.


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