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What we do

Antipodean uses a global macro discretionary style to analyse politics, policy, economics and financial markets across the globe. Our edge is in forecasting Australian and New Zealand financial markets and economic direction, and in long term cycle forecasts relating to USA, Australia and NZ.

Who are our clients?

Australian and the world’s largest hedge funds, pension and super funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, listed and unlisted corporates and global investment banks.

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What our clients say

  • Sandhurst Trustees
    We use Craig’s detailed insights into financial markets for our active asset allocation process...his deep understanding of markets and ability to identify inflection points has aided our funds in achieving top quartile returns. Craig is not one to sit on the fence. His ability to analyse outcomes into executable trades is the best we've come across.
    Sandhurst Trustees
  • Graham Parlane, Private Client Manager
    As a private client wealth manager with over 20 years’ experience in financial markets I find Antipodean’s research invaluable. Their work around business and investment cycles, both long and short, provides that point of difference that ensures I continue to create wealth for my clients.
    Graham Parlane, Private Client Manager
    OM Financial


At Antipodean Capital, what we do for clients depends on what they need. After all, that is what a bespoke, boutique adviser is all about; listening to client issues, coming up with solutions and solving client problems. For the world’s largest hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, and pension funds, we provide advice on global economics, politics, policy and apply quantitative techniques to predict all major asset markets (stocks, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange, property) so that they can make long term asset allocation decisions.
For family office investors we do the same as well as provide innovative portfolio hedge advice and views on alternative assets. For banks and brokerages, we provide intraday and intraweek advice on their markets of choice. For exporters and importers, we advise them on interest rate and foreign exchange hedging.
Craig Ferguson


Antipodean’s Director of Strategy is Craig Ferguson, who worked for 9 years with JPMorgan (1994-2003) as a currency and bond trader, and was head of their cross market technical analysis group between 1999-2003 when his group was top or top 3 ranked in the world.
After leaving JPMorgan, Craig was Head Currency Strategist at ANZ Investment Bank between 2003-05, during which time he was the top ranked currency forecaster in Australia according to the Peter Lee Survey. Since starting Antipodean in 2006, he successfully predicted the collapsing global stocks and US housing during the global financial crisis, the recovery thereafter, the collapse in Australia from its highs and the bear market in ASX bank stocks.