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Get an edge in forecasting global, Australian and New Zealand financial markets.

Independent forecasts. Delivered daily.



Antipodean Capital provides independent research and advisory services by utilising a global macro discretionary framework which covers political events, central bank policy, economies and ultilises quantitative techniques. We then apply our conclusions to forecast Australian, New Zealand and global asset markets.

Our edge is in combining fundamental, quantitative and technical techniques in our forecasting process. We view Australian and New Zealand asset markets through the prism of domestic specialisation, but with the benefit of global perspectives and views. This makes Antipodean uniquely positioned to forecast more asset markets more reliably than others.




Craig Ferguson   Director Strategy    

Craig Ferguson
Director Strategy


Antipodean Capital is an Australian based, domestic and global focused world-class economic research and forecasting firm.

Director of Strategy, Craig Ferguson, formerly worked with JP Morgan (1994-2003) as a currency and bond trader, and was head of their cross-market technical analysis group between 1999-2003 when his group was regularly ranked top three in the world.

Craig was Head Currency Strategist at ANZ Investment Bank between 2003-05, during which time he was the top ranked currency forecaster in Australia according to the Peter Lee Survey. Since starting Antipodean in 2006, he successfully predicted the collapse in global stock markets and the US housing market during the global financial crisis and the recovery thereafter. More recently, Craig predicted the collapse in oil and iron ore prices, and the peak and then bear markets in ASX resource and bank stocks.



Our research subscription provides you with actionable and accountable recommendations that directly inform executable trades.



We work with the world’s largest hedge funds, pension and superannuation funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, listed and unlisted corporates and global investment banks.

For superannuation and hedge funds we provide cross asset market forecasts, perspectives and recommendations as to whether to buy, sell or hold certain asset classes, within the context of asset allocation based portfolios.

For family office investors we provide asset allocation and specific investment advice, as well as innovative portfolio advice and views on alternative assets. For banks and brokerages, we provide intra-day and intra-week advice on their markets of choice. For exporters and importers, we advise on interest rate and foreign exchange hedging.




"Craig is not one to sit on the fence. His ability to analyse outcomes into executable trades is the best we have come across. We use Craig's detailed insights into financial markets for our active asset allocation process. His deep understanding of markets and ability to identify inflection points has aided our funds in achieving top quartile returns." 

- Sandhurst Trustees


"We have followed Antipodean's research for many years, and Craig's macro, political, technical and quantitative work continues to be world class. Craig was one of the few analysts to call the US housing crash and resulting GFC equity bear market, the collapse in commodity prices such as oil, iron ore, and dairy from their post GFC peaks, and in recent years he correctly predicted both Brexit and the Trump Presidential victory. His research and consulting services should be a 'must have' for banks, corporates and asset managers."

- Simon Ho, Triple3 Partners



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